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Officer struck while helping stranded driver on Interstate 670

When the police are on the roads and pulled over, the rule is to move over into the furthest lane possible to give them space. When drivers don't do that, they put the officer at risk and could end up causing a crash. That's what happened in this case, when a woman struck an officer who was helping someone who was stranded.

A police officer suffered injuries after a 32-year-old woman drove her vehicle into his cruiser while he was stopped on the side of the road. The officer was helping a stranded motorist when the woman collided with him.

Choosing a nursing home: Knowing the rating system

Choosing a nursing home is a critical step in making sure a loved one is taken care of in the long term. Nursing homes are rated in accordance with a number of requirements. For instance, nursing homes with a one-star rating may have a history of abuse or poor hygiene, while five-star nursing homes may have a well-balanced staff and additional benefits for residents.

In Ohio, 963 nursing homes are open. In one rating system, only 20.6 percent of these nursing facilities had obtained five stars to indicate their quality. Sadly, 19.5 percent rated at one star and 21 percent rated at two. With around 40 percent of nursing homes rating so low, it's vital that residents' families take time to monitor their care. Only 41 percent of nursing homes were rated at four stars or higher.

Life changes after a catastrophic injury

You were traveling between the border of Ohio and Michigan when a truck driver pulled into your lane. You couldn't get out of the way, and he crashed into your vehicle.

Upon waking up, you found yourself in a hospital. It was days later. You discovered you suffered a severe brain injury and can't speak or walk. You've experienced a catastrophic injury.

5 people injured in multi-vehicle collision in North-Central Ohio

Traveling is always tedious, and it can become dangerous depending on the circumstances on the roads. In the summer, many people don't focus as much on the roads because of the lower risk of collisions from weather-related issues. Unfortunately, those individuals who think they don't have to pay as much attention just because the weather is good put others at risk of serious harm.

In this case, multiple people were injured because one driver didn't yield when he or she was supposed to. An 11-year-old child and four others were injured when the three-vehicle collision took place in Ohio. The reports state that two drivers involved in the collision had to be flown to Columbus-area hospitals for their injuries. The child and an adult in the same vehicle were taken to hospitals in Columbus as well.

Is patient abuse in nursing homes very common?

If you have a loved one in a nursing home or plan to find a nursing home for a loved one soon, it's important to know the state of the health care industry and in nursing homes across the country. Health care watchdog, the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Inspector General, plans to release a formal report on the negative ways patients are being treated in skilled nursing facilities (SNF).

With 134 total potential cases of abuse and neglect across 33 states, the federal agency wants people to know that their loved ones could be in danger and to warn them to be proactive about their health. Cases of rape and sexual and other forms of abuse have been reported.

Use these tips to avoid a motorcycle crash in Toledo

Riding a motorcycle has always been dangerous, both because of the hazards of riding alone and the hazards of being around other drivers. Motorcyclists have little to protect them if they're involved in a collision, so it's vital that drivers be aware of motorcyclists and look twice before making turns or pulling into new lanes. Motorcyclists can protect themselves by double-checking the area before turning and slowing down if they're not sure if drivers see them.

There are dozens of reasons why motorcycle accidents happen, but many have common factors. Here are a few common motorcycle accidents and what you can do to avoid them.

Recalls: Taking items off the shelf for your safety

If a product you use has been recalled, it's in your best interests to return it to the company. Product recalls are essentially notices that a product you're using isn't safe. Most of the time, these recalls are voluntary, but sometimes, the recall is compulsory.

Recalls are actions taken by the government or a manufacturer, depending on a number of factors. The overriding fact is that these recalls are designed to keep you safe. Recalls are signs that products on the market could cause health problems or safety issues now or in the future.

Road rash: A serious injury that requires emergency care

Road rash is a horrifying injury caused by the friction of a body hitting the road's surface. If your arms and legs are exposed when you're riding a bike, you probably already realize that a crash could result in road rash. When you hit the road, any sliding that takes place could tear at your skin, causing serious abrasions.

Depending on the speed at which you've been traveling, the road rash you suffer could be minor or severe. Acute cases of road rash require emergency care to help prevent infection and to reduce the patient's pain levels.

Tobacco: A known danger that puts lives at risk

For many years, tobacco companies argued that their products were safe. They advertised cigarettes and chewing tobacco as a casual and acceptable risk. Today, people know that there is a significant risk of cancer caused by tobacco. Both chewing tobacco and cigarettes can lead to cancers of the mouth, lungs, gums and other parts of the body.

Federal law now requires warnings on packages containing tobacco. These warnings have to be clear about the hazards of using tobacco. Some warnings include, "cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide," "smokeless tobacco may cause mouth cancer," and "tobacco smoke increases the risk of lung cancer."

Nursing home abuse is unacceptable in Ohio

Nursing home neglect is a tragedy that isn't always avoidable. Sometimes, you can't see it coming. Fortunately, most cases have a number of signs that can trigger suspicions of negligence.

One thing you should look out for is poor personal hygiene. Medical providers know that good personal hygiene helps prevent infections and other illnesses. Since that's the case, it's important for nursing home staff members to help the elderly, disabled and injured get the appropriate hygienic care. Many residents need help with normal everyday tasks like brushing their hair or teeth. If you notice your loved one is developing cavities or never looks put together, it could be a sign that no one is helping with these tasks.

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