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3 serious injuries you face after a motorcycle accident

One of the most common motorcycling accidents takes place when a driver pulls out from a side street and crosses in the motorcyclist's path. Left-turn accidents like this happen so fast that motorcyclists have little time to slow down or stop to avoid the collision. These incidents are usually the fault of the driver who pulled out into the motorcyclist's lane prematurely.

There are a number of injuries that occur more commonly in these accidents than others. For example, if a rider isn't wearing a helmet, it's more likely that he or she will suffer a traumatic brain injury. Other common injuries include those to the neck, upper torso and legs.

What makes a toy chest dangerous for children?

When your child has his or her own room, you want to make sure the items inside are safe. One popular item in children's rooms is the toy chest. Toy chests are ideal, because they hold lots of items without requiring much organization. Kids can toss their things inside and shut the lid, making cleaning easier.

Toy chests do have the potential to be dangerous. There are simple issues, like the lid coming down quickly and pinching your child's fingers, and there are more serious issues like the use of lead-based paints that could lead to poisoning.

Ohio premises liability | summer, kids and attractive nuisances

The term "nuisance" typically describes something that annoys people, but in legalese, the word can also mean something that poses danger. Taking the concept a step further, the term "attractive nuisance" refers to something that poses danger, but is attractive to children.

Under certain conditions, the owner of property containing attractive nuisances could be targeted in a premises liability action if a child becomes injured on the premises. This is so even if the child trespassed onto the property rather than being invited.

Drug misuse leads to nursing home malpractice and wrongful death

People across the nation must often trust nursing homes to care for elder family members. It takes a great leap of faith to place such trust in strangers, but in a modern world, it is sometimes the only option. Elderly patients with dementia are particularly vulnerable to mistreatment in these facilities.

Recently, a family that lost a loved one to nursing home malpractice inside such a facility received a settlement for the man's death. The 78-year-old man, who was still quite energetic, entered a nursing home early in 2013. He died just 10 months later while residing in the facility. Reportedly, the man was prescribed psychotropic drugs without family consent, which are often fatal to elderly patients suffering from dementia.

E-cigarettes may be safer, but can pose explosion dangers

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are relatively new to the market. They are meant to replace traditional cigarettes, which can have an adverse affect on one's health. Many smokers believe that using an e-cigarette, also known as vaping, reduces health risks significantly. Experts weigh in on both sides of the coin, with many supporting claims that vaping does reduce the risk of developing lung and heart disease as well as cancer.

Most residents of Ohio are interested anytime they hear of a product that may allow them to continue a habit or a lifestyle in healthier way. However, as with many things in life, sometimes new and arguably healthier products sound too good to be true. E-cigarettes may indeed reduce disease risks, but they can still be dangerous products.

Proving fault in pedestrian vs. motor vehicle accidents

Most of the time when a pedestrian vs. motor vehicle accident occurs, the driver is found to be at fault. However, sometimes the pedestrian is the one who caused the accident. Our world is filled with distractions to which we can all fall prey, even those who choose to walk instead of drive. Let's look at a couple of scenarios in which a pedestrian may have caused a motor vehicle accident.

You are driving in Toledo when suddenly a pedestrian using his or her cellphone steps out in front of you. You apply your brakes to avoid the pedestrian and a car hits you from behind. Unfortunately, you still collide with the pedestrian as well and everyone involved in the wreck suffers injury.

A semitruck hit me: Can I sue the company?

You might think that your car accident injuries were the fault of the semitruck driver who blew through a red light and t-boned the compact car you were driving. Indeed, it probably was his fault, but another liable party was probably involved in this crash: the employer of the semitruck driver.

When an employee causes an injurious accident while performing job duties, he or she was acting under the course and scope of one's employment. As such, by virtue of the legal doctrine "respondeat superior" the employer may also be liable for financial damages.

How dangerous are elderly infections in Ohio nursing homes?

Infections that strike elderly citizens can always be dangerous, inside a nursing home and out. Timely health care is critical in recovering from these infections and steps should be taken to discourage future illnesses of the same type.

Many people assume that a nursing home is a great place to get sick. After all, the staff of the facility can identify the ailment right away and begin treatment. However, some illnesses go overlooked, even inside a health care facility. In many cases, when severe infections fall through the cracks, negligence or nursing home malpractice may play a role.

Serious personal injury to the spinal cord

Did you know that motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of spinal cord injury? Data shows that these accidents account for more than 35 percent of spinal cord injuries. Falls come in second at more than 25 percent, particularly in those ages 65 or older.

Both of these injury causes (car accidents and falls) often involve negligence. For example, if a drunk driver collides with another motorist resulting in spinal cord injuries, then the drunk driver was negligent and could be held liable.

Poor maintenance in public stairwells could result in injuries

A common type of accident we handle in premises liability law concerns slipping and falling in public stairwells. Typically, when people approach a set of stairs in a public place they immediately look for handrails. When they see a handrail, people tend to assume the stairs are safe and proceed confidently.

Unfortunately, many factors can make stairways or stairwells unsafe apart from safety rails. We have provided a few examples of unsafe stairwell conditions below.

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