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Recovering from fear caused by a serious car accident

Driving can be a very dangerous activity even for the most experienced of drivers. We can take all the safety precautions in the world when behind the wheel but there's always one thing we can never control; the actions of other drivers. You can learn to anticipate the actions of other drivers but you can't read minds. Being involved in an accident can leave you fearful of driving. Here are some tips for recovering from that fear.

Officer struck while helping stranded driver on Interstate 670

When the police are on the roads and pulled over, the rule is to move over into the furthest lane possible to give them space. When drivers don't do that, they put the officer at risk and could end up causing a crash. That's what happened in this case, when a woman struck an officer who was helping someone who was stranded.

Road rash: A serious injury that requires emergency care

Road rash is a horrifying injury caused by the friction of a body hitting the road's surface. If your arms and legs are exposed when you're riding a bike, you probably already realize that a crash could result in road rash. When you hit the road, any sliding that takes place could tear at your skin, causing serious abrasions.

NBTA Certification

The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) is pleased to announce that James E. Yavorcik and Stuart F. Cubbon have successfully achieved recertification as civil trial advocates.  Both have been NBTA members in good standing since 2005.

Man killed in tragic early-morning crash in Toledo

Car crashes occur for many reasons, and if you've lost a loved one in an accident, you probably want to know the cause. The sad truth is that sometimes, no cause is ever discovered, or it can be near impossible to find out. Despite this, it's still possible to prove that the other driver was at fault and to receive compensation for your losses.

Proving fault in pedestrian vs. motor vehicle accidents

Most of the time when a pedestrian vs. motor vehicle accident occurs, the driver is found to be at fault. However, sometimes the pedestrian is the one who caused the accident. Our world is filled with distractions to which we can all fall prey, even those who choose to walk instead of drive. Let's look at a couple of scenarios in which a pedestrian may have caused a motor vehicle accident.

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