Frequently Asked Motor Vehicle Accident Questions

Cubbon & Associates Co., L.P.A., represents individuals injured in serious motor vehicle accidents. These can include accidents involving cars, motorcycles, trucks, trains, bicycles, pedestrians and more. We can help you file claims against negligent drivers or your own insurance company if injuries are caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. Below we compiled answers to frequently asked client questions to provide you with key information about motor vehicle accidents.

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What can I recover if I'm injured in an accident?

Your recovery depends upon the laws of the state where you were injured. In Ohio, an injured individual is entitled to recover the cost of medical bills, lost wages, compensation for permanent injuries and pain and suffering.

Should I take photographs

Take photographs of important facts relating to your claims such as property damage and visible injuries. If able, take photographs of the other cars involved and skid marks left on the road. This can help you prove your damages.

Should I allow the other driver's insurance company to take my recorded statement?

No. The opposing insurer's only interest is to reduce the amount of money it will have to pay on this claim. Your recorded statement can be used against you when attempting to settle. Secure legal representation before you give any statements.

Should I sign any papers for the other driver's insurance company?

No. Only sign papers when you fully understand their content and how they may be used. Providing the other driver's insurance company with medical authorization allows it to obtain any of your medical records (even those not related to the accident) and to speak with your doctors.

The accident was not my fault. Why should my health insurer pay the bills?

If you have health insurance, use this to pay your medical bills. In most circumstances, it takes some time to settle an injury claim. Unless you use your health insurance or your own funds, the medical bills will not be paid and your credit may be damaged. Once your claim is resolved, your health insurer will be reimbursed, if required.

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