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When a medication is a defective product

You may need to take medication every day in order to live your best life in Ohio, and your doctor has worked with you to determine which drugs will have the best outcome for you. If you stopped to worry about whether each pill is safe, your days may be fraught with anxiety. When a defective drug does cause an injury, we at Cubbon & Associates Co., L.P.A., often work with the victim to build a product liability case and file a lawsuit to hold the responsible parties liable.

Although people suffer side effects and adverse events from medications all the time, not every incident is the fault of the manufacturer. Only those products that are defective can be the focus of litigation.

Other examples of abuse in nursing homes

Sadly, nursing home residents are sometimes subjected to various forms of mistreatment. While many people recognize that sexual and emotional abuse occurs within nursing homes, it is important to keep in mind that residents may be victimized in other ways. For example, someone could be mistreated from a financial point of view or even physically abused, resulting in an injury. Financial and physical abuse is a reality in some nursing homes and it is pivotal for those who have been subjected to this unlawful mistreatment to find their voice and hold responsible those who have violated their legal rights.

A victim of physical nursing home abuse may sustain an injury or significant physical pain, solely because of a nursing home worker's negligence or malicious behavior. In some cases, a victim of financial abuse may not realize that their rights are being broken or they could be too afraid to speak up. For example, they may worry that taking action against someone who is taking advantage of them could result in additional challenges in their life. If your loved one is being physically or financially abused, it is important for you to look over potential options and do what you can to put an end to the abuse.

What is it like to live with a brain injury?

It's often hard for outsiders to understand what it's like to live with a brain injury. Unlike a broken arm or leg, a brain injury may have no exterior evidence. Symptoms vary from one person to the next. A person may look "fine" to everyone else, while dealing with serious daily issues stemming from the injury.

The brain is also very fragile. A simple car accident can easily lead to damage that takes years to heal -- or that never heals completely. The one second in which someone else runs a red light can change your life forever.

Recovering from the emotional impact of a crash

When many people think of the consequences that a motor vehicle collision may bring, they likely envision the physical or financial toll of a wreck. For example, car crashes can cause someone to take time away from work (or never be able to work again), break a bone, or become seriously hurt in another way. However, it is vital to keep in mind that these wrecks can have other ramifications for victims and those who they love. Sometimes, people experience emotional hardships following a collision and it is important to recover in this aspect as well.

An auto accident may leave someone with high levels of stress. After all, being struck by another vehicle unexpectedly or nearly losing one’s life in an accident can be incredibly stressful. Aside from anxiety, motor vehicle wrecks can also result in depression. Sometimes, people are forced to miss out on activities they enjoy either temporarily or long-term as a result of injuries incurred in a wreck. Moreover, being involved in an accident can make one feel hopeless or have other emotional consequences. In some instances, people may even become angry because of the negligent actions of another driver, especially if this recklessness caused them to lose someone they love or watch their loved one suffer.

Road rage leads to fatal three-vehicle crash on Ohio highway

We have all seen it as we’re driving around Toledo: A driver who is so angry that he or she makes angry gestures at others, shouts and engages in aggressive and threatening driving. Sometimes road rage gets even worse.

Law enforcement officials said that road rage was “absolutely” a factor in a fatal motor vehicle crash that killed a driver on Ohio 37. The man who died at the scene of the three-vehicle wreck was from Newark, a Licking County city east of Columbus.

When an accidents costs a limb, it can change your life

Most people understand that there's risk of a motor vehicle crash any time they get behind the wheel or ride with another driver. However, most people don't often stop to think about the catastrophic injuries that can result from a mistake by another driver. People involved in collisions can break bones, injure their heads or even wind up paralyzed. Some people even end up losing a limb or an extremity.

Losing an arm, leg, hand or foot is a severe, life-altering injury. While physical therapy, prosthetic limbs and education can all improve quality of life for amputees, all of these options are quite expensive. Many people may need to start a new career, especially if they worked in a physical field. Drivers who cause these injuries should be held accountable for the damage they cause.

An accident over the line

You probably don’t think twice when you cross the state line between Michigan and Ohio by car. Many people live in one state and commute to the other every day and it hardly seems to make any difference at all.

If you have an accident in Michigan but your car is insured in Ohio, however, things can be very complicated. The same is true in reverse. Most insurance carriers are well aware of the issues and can take care of a lot for you. But if you or a loved one have been injured “over the line” it’s important to have good counsel to help you through it.

Tobacco products: Potentially deadly addictive substances

Most people now understand that smoking is a danger to their health. Cigarettes contain many different chemicals, with tobacco and nicotine the most prominent. Smoking kills around 443,000 people every year, according to current statistics from the United States.

Smoking and chewing tobacco are both potentially dangerous, and they're the most preventable cause of death, disability and disease in this country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognizes cigarette smoke and chewing tobacco as major health threats to the American public.

Nursing home abuse: You can make a claim

Nursing home abuse is one of the worst things that can happen to a loved one. You place your mother, father, sister or other relative into the nursing home to receive proper care. When that doesn't happen, it's disappointing and upsetting.

You have every right to be angry about how your loved one was treated. Nursing home abuse, which includes hitting, pushing, mental abuse, withholding mail, sexual abuse and exploitation, is unacceptable in any medical facility. You may be angry at not knowing the signs earlier, but what's done is done. Now, you have to make a decision about the future.

Can opioid abuse lead to a personal injury case?

Bipartisan members of Congress representing Ohio want to see the state get more funding to fight opioid abuse and the opioid crisis. The two representatives have urged the president, along with 48 colleagues' signatures, to set aside money to help with the overwhelming crisis.

The president has previously stated that there should be policy changes to address opioid abuse, but he has not set aside funds for fighting opioid issues within the states. He allowed access to a fund called the Public Health Emergency Fund, but ironically, that fund hasn't been funded in years. It contains $57,000.

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