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October 2010 Archives

High Risk Health Insurance

In the past many of our clients with serious health problems have been excluded from insurance coverage because of those problems or because they could not afford the cost of coverage when their health problems were factored into their premiums. This will change in 2014. Health insurance carriers will no longer be able to deny coverage based on health status. Premiums will no longer be based on individual health status but rather on community rating. Individuals will only be rated based on age, family status, place of residence and tobacco use and not individual health status.

Health Insurance for Young Adults

Prior to the recent enactment of Health Care Reform legislation, dependants lost their group health coverage at 19 or 23 if they remained in school on a full time basis.


One of the first provisions of the Affordable Care Act, (f/k/a) Obama Care, to go into effect this fall changes the rules for denials of health services and payments by health insurance plans. The provision covers health insurance companies and self insuring employers.

Stu Cubbon Speaks in Texas

Cubbon and Associates is proud that partner Stuart F. Cubbon was asked to speak to at the 2010 COMBA Conference Dont Mess With the Metros! at the Westin La Cantera Resort in San Antonio, Texas. COMBA is the Conference of Metropolitan Bar Associations, with representative bar associations throughout the Midwest and as far east as Buffalo, NY and as far west as Minneapolis, MN. A past president of the Toledo Bar Association and current executive council member of the National Conference of Bar Presidents, Mr. Cubbon presented with a panel on Reflections of Past Presidents.

Michigan Supreme Court Ruling Improves Recoveries for Accident Victims

As any Michigander knows, Michigan is a No-Fault State. Persons injured in auto accidents there (as well as truck, ATV, bicycle and pedestrian victims) may have their recovery from an at fault driver limited to medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. Recovery for pain and suffering may be limited to cases which meet the Michigan no-fault threshold cases in which a person suffered death, scarring and disfigurement or the peculiar and confusing term, serious impairment of a body function. The definition of a serious impairment of a body function has been in dispute since no-fault law arrived, and has received multiple interpretations by multiple courts over the years, often resulting in minimal or no recovery to legitimately injured persons. In many instances, people with serious injuries were denied any recovery at all.

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