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Health Insurance for Young Adults

Prior to the recent enactment of Health Care Reform legislation, dependants lost their group health coverage at 19 or 23 if they remained in school on a full time basis.

Many young adults have lacked access to group coverage while the costs of individual policies are often prohibitive.

Now, under the Affordable Care Act young adults may remain on or enroll in their parents coverage until 26 nationally. Ohio law is now even more generous and the coverage cut off is now set at 28. The federal law applies to new policies and renewals issued after September 23, 2010. The Ohio statute became effective on July 1, 2010 and applies to policies issued or renewed after that date.

The Federal Law permits coverage regardless of residence, while the Ohio law only applies to young adults residing in or recently returned to Ohio.
Children enrolling under their parents coverage need not be dependants. If, however they are employed and qualify for their own coverage group they may be excluded from their parents coverage.

Carriers are required to provide parents written notice of the opportunity to enroll an eligible child and a window of 30 days to actually enroll the child. This will usually occur during an open enrollment period.

It is important to note that employers are not required to pick up the cost of the coverage. There will is a premium cost associated with the covering the child.
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