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Tax Payers Benefit from the Efforts of Injury Attorneys

Many accident victims have health insurance coverage through Medicare, Medicaid, the Veterans Administration and the health programs available to active duty military personnel and their families. Injury related medical bills are often paid under these programs but with the condition that the government is reimbursed out of any eventual settlement.

Auto accident injuries sometimes occur while employees are working. In this case bills may be paid under the Ohio workers compensation program. Again, any medical bills paid by the state are subject to reimbursement in the event that the accident victim receives a settlement.

Government health care programs often also pay medical bills for victims injured by other types of negligent conduct, including but not limited to defective products, medical negligence, and substandard nursing home care. Reimbursement is similarly required in these instances.

The amounts returned to the public coffers can be quite significant. As an example of our efforts, the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation was reimbursed $197,087 in a single case in 2009. In that year Cubbon and Associates was responsible for returning a total $272,275.02 to the Bureau and the tax payers of the State of Ohio.

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