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How dangerous are elderly infections in Ohio nursing homes?

Infections that strike elderly citizens can always be dangerous, inside a nursing home and out. Timely health care is critical in recovering from these infections and steps should be taken to discourage future illnesses of the same type.

Many people assume that a nursing home is a great place to get sick. After all, the staff of the facility can identify the ailment right away and begin treatment. However, some illnesses go overlooked, even inside a health care facility. In many cases, when severe infections fall through the cracks, negligence or nursing home malpractice may play a role.

Some infections pass easily among residents in a nursing home. Influenza is one such communicable infection. In the elderly, influenza is especially dangerous due to patients' weakened immunity and the possible presence of other illnesses.

Pneumonia can also pose a danger to patients in a nursing home. Like the flu, pneumonia is contagious, making it possible for a wide outbreak to occur. In the United States, many elderly citizens are hospitalized for both influenza and pneumonia. In fact, 90 percent of the people who die in American from influenza are 65 years-old or older.

You already know that sometimes people get sick with an infection despite the best medical care available. However, if you are asking questions about the death or illness of your loved one inside an elder facility, then it is reasonable to assume you have concerns.

While nursing home malpractice is not easy to prove in some situations, you owe it to your loved one to learn more. Talking with an Ohio-based lawyer is wise if you want to find the underlying cause of your elder's illness.

Source: A Place for Mom, "The 5 Most Common Infections in the Elderly," Sarah Stevenson, accessed March 24, 2017

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