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3 serious injuries you face after a motorcycle accident

One of the most common types of motorcycle accidents takes place when a driver pulls out from a side street and crosses in the motorcyclist's path. Left-turn accidents like this happen so fast that motorcyclists have little time to slow down or stop to avoid the collision. These incidents are usually the fault of the driver who pulled out into the motorcyclist's lane prematurely.

There are a number of injuries that occur more commonly in these accidents than others. For example, if a rider isn't wearing a helmet, it's more likely that he or she will suffer a traumatic brain injury. Other common injuries include those to the neck, upper torso and legs.

1. Head and neck injuries

Head and neck injuries happen most commonly and take place in around 22 percent of all injury cases related to motorcycle accidents. These injuries include things like herniated discs in the cervical spine, fractured skulls, and traumatic brain injuries like concussions or bleeding on the brain.

2. Upper torso injuries

When you impact a vehicle head-on, it's normal to be thrown from the motorcycle or to lay it down to avoid a direct impact. In either case, you're likely to impact the ground or the other vehicle with great force. Your chest and upper back may take more of the force if you are thrown forward, whereas your legs may take more of the force if you lay down the bike.

Upper-torso injuries include things like broken arms and upper spinal injuries, road rash on the upper body, dislocated shoulders or elbows and internal injuries to your organs in your chest or upper stomach. Lower-torso injuries might also include organ-related injuries or injuries to your pelvis.

3. Leg injuries

Many motorcyclists suffer from leg injuries after a collision. Regardless of how you land after a crash, your legs are likely to take some of the force. You could suffer from a broken leg from the impact, have the skin sheered off by the friction of the ground or have broken or dislocated toes or ankles. Lacerations to the legs have the potential to bleed profusely, making it more likely to need a transfusion or to end up in surgery to repair the damage.

After a motorcycle crash, it's important that the driver takes responsibility and helps support your recovery. Your attorney can help you file a claim, so you can get the compensation you need while you focus on your health.

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