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September 2017 Archives

Is patient abuse in nursing homes very common?

If you have a loved one in a nursing home or plan to find a nursing home for a loved one soon, it's important to know the state of the health care industry and in nursing homes across the country. Health care watchdog, the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Inspector General, plans to release a formal report on the negative ways patients are being treated in skilled nursing facilities (SNF).

Use these tips to avoid a motorcycle crash in Toledo

Riding a motorcycle has always been dangerous, both because of the hazards of riding alone and the hazards of being around other drivers. Motorcyclists have little to protect them if they're involved in a collision, so it's vital that drivers be aware of motorcyclists and look twice before making turns or pulling into new lanes. Motorcyclists can protect themselves by double-checking the area before turning and slowing down if they're not sure if drivers see them.

Recalls: Taking items off the shelf for your safety

If a product you use has been recalled, it's in your best interests to return it to the company. Product recalls are essentially notices that a product you're using isn't safe. Most of the time, these recalls are voluntary, but sometimes, the recall is compulsory.

Road rash: A serious injury that requires emergency care

Road rash is a horrifying injury caused by the friction of a body hitting the road's surface. If your arms and legs are exposed when you're riding a bike, you probably already realize that a crash could result in road rash. When you hit the road, any sliding that takes place could tear at your skin, causing serious abrasions.

Tobacco: A known danger that puts lives at risk

For many years, tobacco companies argued that their products were safe. They advertised cigarettes and chewing tobacco as a casual and acceptable risk. Today, people know that there is a significant risk of cancer caused by tobacco. Both chewing tobacco and cigarettes can lead to cancers of the mouth, lungs, gums and other parts of the body.

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