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October 2017 Archives

What should you know about amputations?

Amputations can be injuries or be performed as a result of an injury. For example, if your arm is accidentally cut off during an injury, the result is an amputation. Likewise, if your bones are damaged beyond repair and infection is likely despite your arm still being there, the doctor could determine that an amputation is necessary to prevent complications.

Recovering from fear caused by a serious car accident

Driving can be a very dangerous activity even for the most experienced of drivers. We can take all the safety precautions in the world when behind the wheel but there's always one thing we can never control; the actions of other drivers. You can learn to anticipate the actions of other drivers but you can't read minds. Being involved in an accident can leave you fearful of driving. Here are some tips for recovering from that fear.

Disfigurement: An external injury with an internal battle

Car crashes happen all the time. Many of them are preventable, but many could have been avoided had drivers paid attention or not gotten behind the wheel irresponsibly, such as infamously after a "harmless" drink or two. As a result, other drivers and passengers end up with injuries caused by negligence.

Officer struck while helping stranded driver on Interstate 670

When the police are on the roads and pulled over, the rule is to move over into the furthest lane possible to give them space. When drivers don't do that, they put the officer at risk and could end up causing a crash. That's what happened in this case, when a woman struck an officer who was helping someone who was stranded.

Choosing a nursing home: Knowing the rating system

Choosing a nursing home is a critical step in making sure a loved one is taken care of in the long term. Nursing homes are rated in accordance with a number of requirements. For instance, nursing homes with a one-star rating may have a history of abuse or poor hygiene, while five-star nursing homes may have a well-balanced staff and additional benefits for residents.

5 people injured in multi-vehicle collision in North-Central Ohio

Traveling is always tedious, and it can become dangerous depending on the circumstances on the roads. In the summer, many people don't focus as much on the roads because of the lower risk of collisions from weather-related issues. Unfortunately, those individuals who think they don't have to pay as much attention just because the weather is good put others at risk of serious harm.

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