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November 2017 Archives

Ohio to monitor high-speed highways for research

Ohio has seen a growing number of crashes in high-crash areas, and as a result, the state says it's going to start targeting them for research. On roads with a speed limit of 70 mph or greater, the impact of a crash can be devastating. The Ohio State Highway Patrol wants to find out how serious those crashes really are when viewing the data overall and to start decreasing the number of people speeding by increasing patrols as necessary.

Stores could be liable if you're hurt on Black Friday

Black Friday is nearly here, and with it there is an immense risk of injury. Many people want to go out and shop, but shopping creates liability for store owners on this particularly busy day. Shoppers push, shove and stampede to get the items they want at extremely low prices, but by doing so, they could hurt each other and put the store owners at risk of a lawsuit.

Here's how you determine fault in a parking lot crash

You enjoy going out to the movies, to sales and to go shopping, but you know that a parking lot is a dangerous place. Depending on the time of year, the number of people visiting the same location and the way the parking lot is set up, it's possible to get into a serious crash in a parking lot.

Top-ranked Ohio nursing homes devote themselves to good care

While there are a few bad apples in Ohio's nursing homes, the good news is that 130 of Ohio's nursing homes have been rated as the best in the state. These nursing homes provide some of the best care for patients, which is something every family wants for their loved ones.

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