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1 killed as a result of juvenile pranks on Ohio Interstate 75

It's always a tragedy when a young person passes away. He or she may not have gotten to do the things he or she wanted in life, and their experiences were just beginning. The tragedy is made worse when it's a result of negligence or malicious intent, like it may have been in this case.

A man in Ohio has passed away following an unusual accident. According to the news from Dec. 23, the man was driving on the interstate when juveniles tossed a sandbag over the side of an overpass. The 22-year-old man from Warren, Michigan, died after being rushed to the hospital. The man suffered head trauma from the sandbag's impact.

Three children, two 14-year-old boys and a 13-year-old boy, have been caught and charged with felonious assault for causing the crash. This vehicle wasn't the only one hit by falling objects that night; the police reported that several other vehicles were also hit by flying objects. Since the man died from his injuries, the teens now face additional charges.

Even though the people involved in this case include minors, it's important that to courts take the offenses seriously. If you were driving and were suddenly impacted by a falling object, the potential for serious harm would be very real. There would be a risk of high-speed and high-force injuries. As a result, you could be left disfigured, with broken bones or with fatal injuries like in this case. No matter who causes an accident, it's important to hold them accountable, so they understand how their actions impacted you.

Source: Fire Engineering, "Man struck by sandbag thrown from Ohio overpass has died," Dec. 23, 2017

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