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March 2018 Archives

Other examples of abuse in nursing homes

Sadly, nursing home residents are sometimes subjected to various forms of mistreatment. While many people recognize that sexual and emotional abuse occurs within nursing homes, it is important to keep in mind that residents may be victimized in other ways. For example, someone could be mistreated from a financial point of view or even physically abused, resulting in an injury. Financial and physical abuse is a reality in some nursing homes and it is pivotal for those who have been subjected to this unlawful mistreatment to find their voice and hold responsible those who have violated their legal rights.

What is it like to live with a brain injury?

It's often hard for outsiders to understand what it's like to live with a brain injury. Unlike a broken arm or leg, a brain injury may have no exterior evidence. Symptoms vary from one person to the next. A person may look "fine" to everyone else, while dealing with serious daily issues stemming from the injury.

Recovering from the emotional impact of a crash

When many people think of the consequences that a motor vehicle collision may bring, they likely envision the physical or financial toll of a wreck. For example, car crashes can cause someone to take time away from work (or never be able to work again), break a bone, or become seriously hurt in another way. However, it is vital to keep in mind that these wrecks can have other ramifications for victims and those who they love. Sometimes, people experience emotional hardships following a collision and it is important to recover in this aspect as well.

When an accidents costs a limb, it can change your life

Most people understand that there's risk of a motor vehicle crash any time they get behind the wheel or ride with another driver. However, most people don't often stop to think about the catastrophic injuries that can result from a mistake by another driver. People involved in collisions can break bones, injure their heads or even wind up paralyzed. Some people even end up losing a limb or an extremity.

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