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Downed power lines and the risk of an accident

The roads have many hazards to watch out for, some of which are the result of driver negligence and some of which are caused by mother nature. During an intense storm, there may be a number of hazards on the road. For example, heavy rain or snow may affect visibility and road conditions, while strong winds can blow debris onto the roadway. Sometimes, these strong winds can bring down power lines and there are other reasons why power lines may be down (lightning, etc.). As a driver, it is crucial to be aware of these hazards while you are behind the wheel, especially since they may increase the chances of a collision occurring.

It is important to make sure that you drive carefully if you suspect that there may be downed power lines. In some cases, you may need to turn around and avoid a particular section of the road due to this hazard. Even if you drive carefully, however, other drivers may not. For example, someone may be driving extremely fast even though a power line is down, and they may drive into oncoming traffic or cause a crash by slamming on their brakes suddenly.

Sometimes, widespread power outages due to an intense storm can leave multiple power lines down, which can be incredibly dangerous. During these circumstances, it may be necessary to avoid driving altogether. Regardless of the reasons why motor vehicle wrecks happen, victims whose lives are completely shattered should do all they can to move forward afterward.

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