5 people injured in multi-vehicle collision in North-Central Ohio

Traveling is always tedious, and it can become dangerous depending on the circumstances on the roads. In the summer, many people don't focus as much on the roads because of the lower risk of collisions from weather-related issues. Unfortunately, those individuals who think they don't have to pay as much attention just because the weather is good put others at risk of serious harm.

In this case, multiple people were injured because one driver didn't yield when he or she was supposed to. An 11-year-old child and four others were injured when the three-vehicle collision took place in Ohio. The reports state that two drivers involved in the collision had to be flown to Columbus-area hospitals for their injuries. The child and an adult in the same vehicle were taken to hospitals in Columbus as well.

The crash allegedly took place when a car didn't yield to oncoming traffic at an intersection approximately 45 miles north of Marion County. The vehicle that failed to yield struck a pickup truck, which had the child inside. The pickup truck then went on to hit a third vehicle. The police did not place charges immediately, since the case is still under investigation.

Crashes like this one are usually avoidable. While it's not clear yet what caused this collision, simple things like being distracted or too tired behind the wheel are common causes. If you're struck by someone and suffer serious injuries, you're not alone. There are options for people like you; you should be able to seek compensation for your injuries to make certain you can get the care you need.

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