A home fireworks display is not legal in Ohio

Every year, there's bound to be at least one neighbor who puts on an amazing fireworks show for the community. No, that neighbor doesn't have a permit, and it's unlikely that anyone will shut down the fireworks display.

Despite the popularity of shooting off fireworks, they are still illegal in personal shows. Home firework displays are illegal for a reason; they put people at risk of suffering serious injuries and causing significant damage to property

Ohioans without licenses are not allowed to legally have anything other than "novelty" fireworks, which include the typical smoke bombs and sparklers. To obtain consumer-grade fireworks and fire them legally, Ohioans need to obtain a permit and license. Interestingly, you don't need special approval to buy these consumer-grade rockets, and that's where the laws conflict with the ability to purchase.

A new bill introduced by Ohio's representatives would result in Ohioans being able to fire off the rockets without any special permissions. As a result of the number of displays that take place illegally each year and the current lack of enforcement, this bill might just pass to confirm the rights of people already participating in a holiday tradition.

There are risks to having personal fireworks shows, though, and buying these items without the knowledge of what they should do or do can result in injuries. Would you know if a firework you purchased was defective? If it explodes early or fails without explanation, it just might be.

If you're hurt at an at-home display due to defective products, you could have a claim against the homeowner and the fireworks manufacturer. Your attorney can help you know what to expect.

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