Attorney Licensing

In most states, Attorneys are required to take and pass a rigorous bar examination in order to be licensed to practice law in that state. With few exceptions, a license to practice law in one state does not permit a lawyer to practice in another state. As such, attorneys take the bar exams offered in each state they intend to practice in on a regular basis. Also, lawyers must be admitted into the Federal Bar in order to practice law in the federal courts. In addition to taking and passing the state bar examination, attorneys are required to attend educational programs to maintain their licenses. In Ohio, for example, lawyers must attend 24 hours of continuing legal education (CLE) every two years. At Cubbon & Associates, all of our lawyers are fully licensed in Ohio and the federal court. In addition, Stuart F. Cubbon is licensed in Michigan and Florida. Kyle Alison Cubbon and James E. Yavorcik hold Michigan licenses. All Cubbon attorneys double the continuing legal education requirement and attend 24 hours of CLE per year.

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