Avoid the common left-hand-turn crash

Riding a motorcycle has always been dangerous, both because of the hazards of riding alone and the hazards of being around other drivers. Motorcyclists have little to protect them if they're involved in a collision, so it's vital that drivers be aware of motorcyclists and look twice before making turns or pulling into new lanes. Motorcyclists can protect themselves by double-checking the area before turning and slowing down if they're not sure if drivers see them.

There are dozens of reasons why motorcycle accidents happen, but many have common factors. Here are a few common motorcycle accidents and what you can do to avoid them.

Likely the most common crash is when a driver turns left in front of the motorcyclist's path. For example, if you're driving down the road and someone on the right pulls out of a driveway while attempting to make a left-hand turn, then that person could cut off your path and cause a head-on collision. To avoid this type of collision, drivers need to look twice and leave more time for turns if they see a motorcyclist heading toward them. As a motorcyclist, stay alert and try to make eye contact with those on the right side of the road who may pull out.

Another possible crash happens when someone rear-ends you. Drivers do not always notice motorcyclists or correctly interpret the distance the motorcyclists are in front of them. This is true especially at night, because there is only one tail-light that the driver can use to understand distance. If you need to stop, remember to take as much time to do so as possible. This gives the driver more time to recognize that you're slowing down.

These tips can keep you safe and on your motorcycle. Keep your eyes on the road, and you can help prevent others' errors from impacting your ride.

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