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Here's how you determine fault in a parking lot crash

You enjoy going out to the movies, to sales and to go shopping, but you know that a parking lot is a dangerous place. Depending on the time of year, the number of people visiting the same location and the way the parking lot is set up, it's possible to get into a serious crash in a parking lot.

Disfigurement: An external injury with an internal battle

Car crashes happen all the time. Many of them are preventable, but many could have been avoided had drivers paid attention or not gotten behind the wheel irresponsibly, such as infamously after a "harmless" drink or two. As a result, other drivers and passengers end up with injuries caused by negligence.

Use these tips to avoid a motorcycle crash in Toledo

Riding a motorcycle has always been dangerous, both because of the hazards of riding alone and the hazards of being around other drivers. Motorcyclists have little to protect them if they're involved in a collision, so it's vital that drivers be aware of motorcyclists and look twice before making turns or pulling into new lanes. Motorcyclists can protect themselves by double-checking the area before turning and slowing down if they're not sure if drivers see them.

Getting hit by a car in Toledo and the devastation of injuries

Heading to Toledo was a goal of yours. You wanted to go to the college and make your mark. You knew that other students said some parts of the city were dangerous for pedestrians, but you didn't take them very seriously. Today, you regret having that attitude.

3 helpful ways to avoid crashing your car in Toledo

Toledo is a busy area with lots to see and do. You love living there with your family, but you also know that the traffic can be difficult to deal with. The roads aren't always maintained well, and drivers passing through to Michigan may not follow all of Ohio's traffic laws.

3 serious injuries you face after a motorcycle accident

One of the most common types of motorcycle accidents takes place when a driver pulls out from a side street and crosses in the motorcyclist's path. Left-turn accidents like this happen so fast that motorcyclists have little time to slow down or stop to avoid the collision. These incidents are usually the fault of the driver who pulled out into the motorcyclist's lane prematurely.

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