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What are the most common mistakes that teenage drivers make?

You have just returned home from helping your teenager to get his or her driver's license in Ohio. Now the real fun begins. You have agreed to allow your child to use one of the vehicles and are ridden with anxiety about how you can encourage him or her to drive safely and responsibly. One of the things you can do is to learn more about the most common mistakes that teenage drivers make so you can educate your child on these dangers and teach practices that will reinforce good driving behaviors. 

How many deadly drunk driving wrecks involve young drivers?

We have written about many of the car crash causes, such as distracted driving, on this blog. Many people realize that alcohol intoxication is a major risk factor when it comes to fatal motor vehicle accidents, but drivers continue to operate their vehicle while drunk. Moreover, it is crucial for parents and young drivers to be aware of just how many of these deadly drunk driving crashes involve a young driver under the influence of alcohol. Sadly, these wrecks leave many lives upended, from a young person who passes away or shatters their future to innocent victims who were hit by someone who should not have been driving.

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