Concerns about airbag explosions lead to massive recall for Mazda

When consumers invest their money into a product that promises help with performing a task, they often rely on it to operate just how it was advertised. When a product fails to live up to its expectation, consumers can be left feeling cheated, infuriated and lied to. In cases that involve something designed to provide protection or safety, the repercussions of a faulty product can be even more damaging. Malfunctioning car parts for example, can leave Ohio buyers at a heightened risk of experiencing dangerous consequences that could ultimately claim their life. 

In a recent story that made national headlines, Mazda has made the decision to recall over 250,000 of its vehicles after ongoing concern about malfunctioning airbags. Their decision was reported after it was disclosed that some of their vehicles had Takata airbags installed. The problem with Takata airbags is demonstrated by statistics that reveal that motorists throughout the world, 300 to be exact, were injured by malfunctioning airbags. Another 23 people suffered fatal injuries after the product exploded. 

Research suggests that chemicals used in the process of inflating the airbags can slowly deteriorate over time. When subjected to these conditions, they can become brittle and deploy with far more than the designated force. This causes the metal canister to explode as well, leaving the unsuspecting owners in significant danger of being showered with shrapnel. Takata is recently under new ownership after filing for bankruptcy protection in summer of 2017. 

If people have been the victims of a malfunctioning product and are left injured as a result, they may benefit from the help of an attorney. A legal professional can help establish a case by gathering evidence and demonstrating how it was related to the injuries that were experienced.

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