Getting an attorney is a good idea following a crash

Car accidents happen all the time, and it's fairly normal to think that you can handle the claims process on your own. The trouble begins when you start to get overwhelmed. You have a certain dollar amount you need, but the insurance company doesn't offer an amount anywhere close to it.

What do you do? A good attorney knows what a fair settlement is based on your medical history, the damage to your vehicle and other factors involved in your case.

Another reason to have an attorney is because he or she can take over the case while you're focused on your family and recovery. You may have to take care of someone who has been hurt, or perhaps you're going to therapy regularly and don't have time to fight with an insurance claims specialist. Whatever situation you're in, remember that an attorney is trained to help and can negotiate on your behalf.

You have many things on your mind after a crash, but trying to work out where you stand with an insurance company shouldn't be one of them. Your attorney can look at the documents you provide, like medical bills, financial losses, lost wages and others, to put together an idea of how much you should be paid for your injuries and suffering. He or she will fight for you, and if the case has to go to court, represent you against the insurance company.

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