Nursing home abuse is unacceptable in Ohio

Nursing home neglect is a tragedy that isn't always avoidable. Sometimes, you can't see it coming. Fortunately, most cases have a number of signs that can trigger suspicions of negligence.

One thing you should look out for is poor personal hygiene. Medical providers know that good personal hygiene helps prevent infections and other illnesses. Since that's the case, it's important for nursing home staff members to help the elderly, disabled and injured get the appropriate hygienic care. Many residents need help with normal everyday tasks like brushing their hair or teeth. If you notice your loved one is developing cavities or never looks put together, it could be a sign that no one is helping with these tasks.

With poor personal hygiene sometimes comes poor living conditions. Your loved one should live in a sanitary nursing home. It is unfair to have someone live in a facility that smells of urine or that has mold on the walls. Failing to maintain the facility to a high standard is against the law. Nursing homes are required to have infection control programs by federal law, so any nursing home that violates that law may be in deep trouble.

With poor hygiene and a risk of infection comes the risk of a lack of mobility. When someone doesn't feel well or is suffering as a result of poor hygiene, he or she may move around the nursing facility less. Walking less leads to a quick decline in the health of many elderly people.

Your loved one deserves better than to suffer due to medical malpractice. Your attorney can help you learn more about the steps to take next. Our website has more information.

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