Officer struck while helping stranded driver on Interstate 670

When the police are on the roads and pulled over, the rule is to move over into the furthest lane possible to give them space. When drivers don't do that, they put the officer at risk and could end up causing a crash. That's what happened in this case, when a woman struck an officer who was helping someone who was stranded.

A police officer suffered injuries after a 32-year-old woman drove her vehicle into his cruiser while he was stopped on the side of the road. The officer was helping a stranded motorist when the woman collided with him.

The crash, which took place at around 5:00 a.m., on Oct. 8, occurred on Interstate 670. With multiple lanes available, drivers should have been pulling into another lane to give at least one lane of space to the officer and the stranded motorist. Unfortunately, the woman did not do that, and she caused a serious collision.

The news reported that the officer required staples in his head for a laceration injury. It wasn't clear if he was hit directly or if he was inside his vehicle at the time of the collision. In either case, the injuries were severe enough to require medical care.

As for the woman who struck the officer, authorities believe she was operating her vehicle while intoxicated. She faces two charges, one for operating the vehicle while impaired and another for aggravated vehicular assault. Her blood or breath test results have not been released to the news.

Crashes like this are avoidable. If you're struck because someone doesn't give you space after you are left stranded on the side of the road, you could choose to file a claim for compensation.

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