Ohio to monitor high-speed highways for research

Ohio has seen a growing number of crashes in high-crash areas, and as a result, the state says it's going to start targeting them for research. On roads with a speed limit of 70 mph or greater, the impact of a crash can be devastating. The Ohio State Highway Patrol wants to find out how serious those crashes really are when viewing the data overall and to start decreasing the number of people speeding by increasing patrols as necessary.

Analyzing the high-crash areas could lead to a reduction in speed limits, at least temporarily, depending on the results. So far, the Ohio State Highway Patrol has reported a 24 percent increase in the total number of crashes on high-speed, 70 mph roadways. Those roads also saw an increase in fatal and injury crashes of around 22 percent since they changed from 65 mph to 70 mph in 2013.

To help address crashes, the state plans to use overtime to add more troopers to the three noted high-crash areas. It also plans to use a campaign to help educate the public about needing to slow down for their safety.

As someone who is familiar with the roads in Toledo along with the Ohio Turnpike, you're already aware that people speed well beyond the limit. People who don't think about their actions put others at risk. If you're hit by someone who isn't driving safely, it's your right to pursue a claim. Even five to 10 mph makes a difference in a crash and can cause injuries that are permanent and painful.

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