Other examples of abuse in nursing homes

Sadly, nursing home residents are sometimes subjected to various forms of mistreatment. While many people recognize that sexual and emotional abuse occurs within nursing homes, it is important to keep in mind that residents may be victimized in other ways. For example, someone could be mistreated from a financial point of view or even physically abused, resulting in an injury. Financial and physical abuse is a reality in some nursing homes and it is pivotal for those who have been subjected to this unlawful mistreatment to find their voice and hold responsible those who have violated their legal rights.

A victim of physical nursing home abuse may sustain an injury or significant physical pain, solely because of a nursing home worker's negligence or malicious behavior. In some cases, a victim of financial abuse may not realize that their rights are being broken or they could be too afraid to speak up. For example, they may worry that taking action against someone who is taking advantage of them could result in additional challenges in their life. If your loved one is being physically or financially abused, it is important for you to look over potential options and do what you can to put an end to the abuse.

Our law firm understands the sensitive nature of these cases and we believe that abusers and nursing home staff who have caused residents to suffer due to their negligence must be held accountable. Our injuries page has more material related to nursing home abuse.

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