Prescription drugs can be lifesavers.  But not if you get the wrong one!  Over the years we’ve seen many cases where our clients have been given the wrong dose or the wrong prescription altogether.  This may happen if the prescription has been poorly written and therefore misinterpreted by the pharmacy.  It may happen when in an effort to expedite their work, the pharmacist or pharmacy tech grabs the wrong drug and the mistake isn’t noticed.   An example would be a pharmacy confusing Dok capsules with Doxy capsules—similar names but very different drugs.  And it may happen when two customers’ prescriptions are swapped.  Regardless of how it happens, it can lead to a person taking medication that may be harmful to them and missing out on taking necessary medication.  The error is often found days or weeks later as the victim grows increasingly ill.  On occasion, the pharmacy will somehow realize the error and report it to the customer before any harm occurs.

Modern prescription packaging may contain a description of what a pill or capsule should look like—size, shape and color—but if it’s a new prescription, patients often do not know what to expect.  And many times, clients will tell us after the fact that they just thought a refilled prescription looks different because the pharmacy switched to a generic form of the medicine.  A pharmacy that misfills a prescription which then injures or sickens its customer will be liable for the damages it causes, including medical expense, lost time at work and pain and suffering.

It is always a good practice to carefully inspect any prescription medication you receive before you ingest it, and if it looks different from what you expect question the pharmacist before you take it.  But if you or a loved one does become ill because of pharmacy negligence, call us. We can help.


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