Poor maintenance in public stairwells could result in injuries

A common type of accident we handle in premises liability law concerns slipping and falling in public stairwells. Typically, when people approach a set of stairs in a public place they immediately look for handrails. When they see a handrail, people tend to assume the stairs are safe and proceed confidently.

Unfortunately, many factors can make stairways or stairwells unsafe apart from safety rails. We have provided a few examples of unsafe stairwell conditions below.

-- Trip hazards: The presence of objects on stairways can send you tumbling. Victims often suffer serious injuries from such a fall, and in some cases, even death can occur.

-- Inadequate lighting: Without good lighting, it might be difficult to judge tread depths or see trip hazards, both of which can cause users to fall.

-- Wet stairs: In public buildings, the risk of wet stairs is high. People can track in rain, snow or ice, leading to dangerous slip-and-fall accidents.

-- Handrails: Missing handrails could lead to severe injuries if a fall should occur. Even if a rail is present, if it is loose or otherwise in poor condition, an accident could still occur.

We want to let our neighbors in Ohio know that property owners have a duty to make their premises safe for visitors or customers. Keeping their property's stairwells and stairways in good condition is a part of this duty. When a property owner negligently fails to correct any safety problems that they know about and serious injury or wrongful death occurs, they can be held to account in a premises liability legal action.

To find out if you have grounds to seek a legal remedy for your injuries, we urge you to explore our premises liability web page.

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