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Concerns about airbag explosions lead to massive recall for Mazda

When consumers invest their money into a product that promises help with performing a task, they often rely on it to operate just how it was advertised. When a product fails to live up to its expectation, consumers can be left feeling cheated, infuriated and lied to. In cases that involve something designed to provide protection or safety, the repercussions of a faulty product can be even more damaging. Malfunctioning car parts for example, can leave Ohio buyers at a heightened risk of experiencing dangerous consequences that could ultimately claim their life. 

When a medication is a defective product

You may need to take medication every day in order to live your best life in Ohio, and your doctor has worked with you to determine which drugs will have the best outcome for you. If you stopped to worry about whether each pill is safe, your days may be fraught with anxiety. When a defective drug does cause an injury, we at Cubbon & Associates Co., L.P.A., often work with the victim to build a product liability case and file a lawsuit to hold the responsible parties liable.

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