Recovering from fear caused by a serious car accident

Driving can be a very dangerous activity even for the most experienced of drivers. We can take all the safety precautions in the world when behind the wheel but there's always one thing we can never control; the actions of other drivers. You can learn to anticipate the actions of other drivers but you can't read minds. Being involved in an accident can leave you fearful of driving. Here are some tips for recovering from that fear.

You should not remain silent about the accident. Speak to whomever will listen. This includes friends, family members, doctors and members of a support group. The more you discuss the accident, the quicker and easier it will become to remove your fear of driving again.

When you feel it is time to get back behind the wheel, you should do so slowly. Drive in areas that are free of congestion and easy to navigate. The first couple of times you get behind the wheel, you should bring another licensed driver with you in the event that you cannot finish the ride.

You can gradually increase where you drive and in the type of traffic. As you become more comfortable behind the wheel, you can drive in traffic and on the more dangerous roads in your area.

It's also a good idea to never avoid the area where the accident occurred. By doing so, you will only increase your anxiety and fear. The more you drive past the accident scene, the more you can begin to heal.

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