Serious personal injury to the spinal cord

Did you know that motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of spinal cord injury? Data shows that these accidents account for more than 35 percent of spinal cord injuries. Falls come in second at more than 25 percent, particularly in those ages 65 or older.

Both of these injury causes (car accidents and falls) often involve negligence. For example, if a drunk driver collides with another motorist resulting in spinal cord injuries, then the drunk driver was negligent and could be held liable.

In a fall example, say a woman was descending a set of stairs. She reaches for the handrail and it breaks away from its mounting, causing her to fall and injure her spinal cord. This, too, is an example of negligence on the part of the property owner, who could be found liable in a legal action.

Ohio residents suffering from serious personal injury to the spinal cord often experience several different health problems. Besides the immediate injury, additional damage could occur days or weeks after the accident. This happens because of bleeding, inflammation, swelling and the accumulation of fluid in the spinal cord area.

Damage from severe spinal cord injuries affect nerves that pass through the injury area, leading to impairment of the nerves and muscles located below the injury. Some of the areas commonly affected by serious personal injury to the spinal cord include the bladder, torso, legs and bowels. Injury to the neck area can even lead to paralysis and may affect the victim's ability to breathe unassisted.

Anyone suffering from serious personal injury deserves to be made whole again through the law. This is why it is important to speak with a lawyer if negligence played a role in the injury.

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