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1 killed as a result of juvenile pranks on Ohio Interstate 75

It's always a tragedy when a young person passes away. He or she may not have gotten to do the things he or she wanted in life, and their experiences were just beginning. The tragedy is made worse when it's a result of negligence or malicious intent, like it may have been in this case.

Ohio to monitor high-speed highways for research

Ohio has seen a growing number of crashes in high-crash areas, and as a result, the state says it's going to start targeting them for research. On roads with a speed limit of 70 mph or greater, the impact of a crash can be devastating. The Ohio State Highway Patrol wants to find out how serious those crashes really are when viewing the data overall and to start decreasing the number of people speeding by increasing patrols as necessary.

What should you know about amputations?

Amputations can be injuries or be performed as a result of an injury. For example, if your arm is accidentally cut off during an injury, the result is an amputation. Likewise, if your bones are damaged beyond repair and infection is likely despite your arm still being there, the doctor could determine that an amputation is necessary to prevent complications.

5 people injured in multi-vehicle collision in North-Central Ohio

Traveling is always tedious, and it can become dangerous depending on the circumstances on the roads. In the summer, many people don't focus as much on the roads because of the lower risk of collisions from weather-related issues. Unfortunately, those individuals who think they don't have to pay as much attention just because the weather is good put others at risk of serious harm.

What is a pulmonary contusion?

A pulmonary contusion is a potentially serious injury. It occurs when the lung's parenchyma is injured. This leads to swelling and the collection of fluids, which is known as edema. Blood and fluids collect in the alveolar spaces, which makes it hard for the lungs to function correctly. As a result, those with a pulmonary contusion may need breathing assistance with a ventilator.

Amusement parks: Know what to look for before you ride

The list of accidents that has occurred at amusement parks is on the rise, and that's a concern for many singles, parents and children. A report on July 17 talks about the most recent tragedy, a roller coaster collision that happened in Spain. That collision resulted in 33 people suffering injuries.

Texting and driving is a danger in Ohio

In Ohio, texting and driving is against the law. If you're distracted by texting, there are seconds where you're not looking at the road. When that happens, your vehicle has the potential to drift. Vehicles that try to cross your path may move in a way where you need to brake, but without looking, you'll hit them.

Serious personal injury to the spinal cord

Did you know that motor vehicle accidents are the number one cause of spinal cord injury? Data shows that these accidents account for more than 35 percent of spinal cord injuries. Falls come in second at more than 25 percent, particularly in those ages 65 or older.

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