Share the Road

It is motorcycle season.  And it seems like there are more motorcycles on the road this summer than in years past.  Maybe it is the price of gasoline?  Maybe it is the good weather?  For whatever reasons, our motorcycle riding friends are out on the road and we want them to be safe. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation posts an excellent library of articles about motorcycle safety. For example: An 86 page article on riding tips at:

Quick Tips: Ten Things all Car & Truck Drivers Should Know about Motorcycles at:

Everyone needs to SHARE THE ROAD and do their part to reduce injuries and fatalities.  If you are operating a car or truck, be on the lookout for motorcycles and give them room to start, stop and operate.  For motorcycle operators, follow all the rules of the road and drive defensively. Drive safely.  Ride safely.   If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, give us a call.  We can help.

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