Social media use and auto collisions

In the digital era, many people like to use social networking sites where they can share images and messages with friends, or upload videos to the internet. Unfortunately, this technology comes with downsides as well. For example, it may increase the chances of an auto accident by leading to distracted driving. Sadly, many lives have been lost due to drivers taking their eyes off the road to interact with others through their phone and it is important to draw attention to this problem.

Using a cell phone or another electronic device in any way can be dangerous behind the wheel. However, social media can be especially concerning. For example, someone may be live streaming while driving, prompting them to pay less attention to the road as they respond to viewers and read comments. With engagement in real time and more interaction, social media can make drivers especially distracted. Unfortunately, even diverting one’s focus for a matter of seconds can cause a deadly motor vehicle collision.

To make things worse, some people are essentially addicted to social media, which can make it hard for them to put down their phone—even if they are driving. Someone might share a post on social media and pay close attention to the responses while they are driving, which could have an emotional impact on them (such as making them elated or angry) and distract them further. Sadly, this dangerous behavior will continue to occur on roads across the country.

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