Stores could be liable if you're hurt on Black Friday

Black Friday is nearly here, and with it there is an immense risk of injury. Many people want to go out and shop, but shopping creates liability for store owners on this particularly busy day. Shoppers push, shove and stampede to get the items they want at extremely low prices, but by doing so, they could hurt each other and put the store owners at risk of a lawsuit.

The National Retail Federation reports that 2013's Black Friday event drew over 90 million shoppers online and in store. In 2017, that number may be even higher. While people can choose to stay home and shop, many go out to grab deals off the shelves.

The problem with Black Friday is the increased risk of accidents. When hundreds of people try to get into a single store to purchase a few limited items, it can become chaotic. Unfortunately for store owners, they are held to the highest standards when it comes to protecting customers. That means implementing safety precautions in preparation for Black Friday.

Store owners are only held liable if people are hurt because of nonobvious, unsafe or known conditions. On Black Friday, stores know that people will be more aggressive than other days. They know that security and other precautions have to be taken, or they could be held liable for failing to prepare for the crowds. Anticipating problems helps prevent them and reduce liability in the event that something does go wrong.

If you are hurt during Black Friday, remember that stores should have prepared for stampedes and heavy sales. There's no excuse for situations in which you were allowed to be injured by others.

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