Talcum powder: A potential cause of cancers

One thing that is always true is that science makes advances over time. With advances in science and medicine, there often comes a time when people discover things that they once thought were safe are not.

Talcum powder has been used for many years to powder people's faces, shoes, hands and even babies' bottoms. Known as baby powder, the naturally occurring mixture is made up of silicon, oxygen, magnesium and hydrogen. It's been in use in the cosmetics industry for over 100 years.

Talc prevents the spread of moisture, which helps keep feet dry in shoes and prevents diaper rash that babies could face if left with wet bottoms. Since 2013, there have been growing concerns about the dangers of the product, though. One such claim is that baby powder could be linked to ovarian cancer.

Scientific research is inconclusive as to whether or not talc can result in ovarian cancer. It's alleged that the talc particles could travel to the ovaries through the vagina, which could cause cancer throughout the reproductive tract. Talc has also been linked to pulmonary issues as a result of breathing in the particles.

Johnson & Johnson, a drug company fighting allegations that the powder could cause cancer, has changed labels to make sure it's clear that it is for external use only and that it's dangerous to breathe in the powder. The International Association for the Research of Cancer has dubbed the powder possibly carcinogenic, since there is no conclusive evidence as of 2017.

If you are hurt as a result of using talcum powder, you can pursue a claim. Depending on the circumstances, you may have the evidence you need to win your case.

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