Texting and driving is a danger in Ohio

In Ohio, texting and driving is against the law. If you're distracted by texting, there are seconds where you're not looking at the road. When that happens, your vehicle has the potential to drift. Vehicles that try to cross your path may move in a way where you need to brake, but without looking, you'll hit them.

It's for those reasons that distracted driving is frowned upon and that texting and driving is illegal in Ohio. If a driver is texting and driving, he or she could cause an accident that takes lives.

That risk is what made the state legislators implement the law. Today, those who are under the age of 18 may be pulled over at any time if the police believe that they are texting behind the wheel. Additionally, those who are 18 or older may be charged for texting and driving if they first commit another infraction that they are stopped for.

In Ohio, you can face a fine for $150 if you're caught texting or using an electronic device behind the wheel and are under 18. You can also lose your license for six months. Those over 18 face fines of up to $150.

As a victim of an accident involving a driver who was texting behind the wheel, you have the right to use that fact in your claim. By showing the other driver's negligence, you can fight for the amount of compensation you want by showing that the driver was not being cautious. Your attorney can help you present your claim in a way that helps you get the settlement you need.

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