There are several ways a crash can result in loss of a body part

Most people understand that there's risk of a motor vehicle crash any time they get behind the wheel or ride with another driver. However, most people don't often stop to think about the catastrophic injuries that can result from a mistake by another driver. People involved in collisions can break bones, injure their heads or even wind up paralyzed. Some people even end up losing a limb or an extremity.

Losing an arm, leg, hand or foot is a severe, life-altering injury. While physical therapy, prosthetic limbs and education can all improve quality of life for amputees, all of these options are quite expensive. Many people may need to start a new career, especially if they worked in a physical field. Drivers who cause these injuries should be held accountable for the damage they cause.

Believe it or not, there is more than one way in which a person could lose part of a body in a crash. The first is through immediate trauma. Whether a foot got pinned and cut off by the crumpling car or someone lost a limb when thrown through the windshield, accidents can cause the loss of a limb. Sometimes, when the cut is clean, surgeons can reattach a severed body part. Other times it simply isn't a possibility.

In some crashes, the injuries sustained or subsequent infections are so serious that people need to have a medical amputation. Doctors may notice substantial nerve damage, spreading infection or other issues that make it impossible to save the limb. In these cases, the injured parties have the benefit of a clean, surgical removal, but they still have to deal with the physical, social and psychological fallout of losing part of their body.

Lost limbs impact every aspect of life

It's easy to see how losing an arm or leg could impact your job. Even if you work in customer service, you could struggle to perform basic functions. For those in a skilled trade or who work in manufacturing, it may simply become impossible to remain at work.

Of course, nerve damage and pain could also preclude someone from working. Many people who experience an amputation continue to experience pain or other sensations from the nerves damaged in the trauma or surgery.

Beyond the physical issues, from balance to pain, there is also the social and psychological impact of a visible disability. People need to re-learn how to perform daily tasks, as well as how to handle unwanted attention in public. Those struggling to adjust to a new life after losing a limb or extremity deserve compensation and protection from severe financial losses related to the injury. This is especially true in cases where someone else caused the accident.

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