These signs of nursing home abuse could help you avoid trouble

If you put a loved one in a nursing home, you need to know that he or she will be in a safe environment with people who care about his or her well-being. There are many nursing facilities that aren't up to the task, and you want to know that you don't end up working with a sub-par agency.

How can you make sure you choose the right nursing home and avoid placing your loved one in harm's way? Check off a list of abuse you need to look for when you visit the homes.

For example, look for physical abuse and neglect when you visit the property, since these are the most obvious signs. Do residents have bruises, cuts or scrapes more often than not? Do they tell you that they're being harmed or talk about needing more than they're given? These are signs that something may not be right at the facility. You may also notice neglect if you see that bottles or cups of water are missing or not filled, if you smell the heavy scent of urine or if there are other noticeable problems at the facility.

Another thing to look out for is emotional abuse. Listen to how the staff talks to the residents. The staff members should be kind and respectful. There should not be any "talking down" to the residents. That means that no one should be nicknaming residents or talking to them as if they're children. They are adults and deserve respect.

If you place your loved one in a nursing home and notice these issues later, you can get help. Your loved one deserves respect and to be in a safe, healthy environment. Our website has more information.

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