We know that as the new year dawns, we’re tempted to make resolutions that will make us better, stronger and healthier, but at Cubbon and Associates we urge you to adopt three resolutions that do not require the treadmill, starvation or eating tofu.

1.  Check your automobile insurance and make sure that you carry a minimum of one hundred thousand dollars liability and uninsured motorist coverage.  Ohio state minimum insurance requirements only require coverage of twenty-five thousand dollars but this is often very inadequate to protect you, your passengers and other motorists.  Raising your limits from state minimums to one hundred thousand dollars may cost you no more than a couple dollars each month.  At the very least get a quote for this.  Ideally we want people to carry at least a million dollars in coverage, but if you are at state minimum limits, you are not protected!

2.  Call around and get insurance quotes from at least three insurance companies—make sure you’re getting the best rates available for the coverage you want and need.

3.  Double check and make sure your drivers license has not expired.  Time has a way of creeping up on us and if your license has expired, your insurance may not cover you.

There you have it!  Three quick resolutions that can improve your life with absolutely no pain.

Best wishes to you and yours as we kick off 2020!

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