Tobacco: A known danger that puts lives at risk

For many years, tobacco companies argued that their products were safe. They advertised cigarettes and chewing tobacco as a casual and acceptable risk. Today, people know that there is a significant risk of cancer caused by tobacco. Both chewing tobacco and cigarettes can lead to cancers of the mouth, lungs, gums and other parts of the body.

Federal law now requires warnings on packages containing tobacco. These warnings have to be clear about the hazards of using tobacco. Some warnings include, "cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide," "smokeless tobacco may cause mouth cancer," and "tobacco smoke increases the risk of lung cancer."

Smoking injures most organs in the body. It's particularly hazardous to the heart and lungs, and it has the potential to cause heart disease. Approximately 129,000 people die every year because of lung cancer caused by smoking, while around 126,000 die from congestive heart failure caused by smoking. Others suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and may die from it. The damage to the heart or lungs may not be reversible or may take many years to recover. Many of the illnesses caused by smoking are very serious or worsen over time, potentially leading to death.

It is the fault of manufacturers who hid the dangers of smoking that so many people are at risk today. This dangerous product may have caused your injuries, so you could have a case against the tobacco companies.

If you believe that the tobacco companies are responsible for your current health problems, then you might find the advice and assistance of an experienced attorney very helpful.

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