What are the most common mistakes that teenage drivers make?

You have just returned home from helping your teenager to get his or her driver's license in Ohio. Now the real fun begins. You have agreed to allow your child to use one of the vehicles and are ridden with anxiety about how you can encourage him or her to drive safely and responsibly. One of the things you can do is to learn more about the most common mistakes that teenage drivers make so you can educate your child on these dangers and teach practices that will reinforce good driving behaviors. 

According to the Insurance Journal, researchers settled on three consistently-made, critical errors after surveying over 500 car accidents involving teenage drivers. In the total of accidents analyzed, almost half of them were caused by one of these three mistakes:

  • The driver failed to scan his or her surroundings: Show your child the importance of being vigilant and paying attention to the road around the vehicle. Consistently scanning can help reveal potential hazards before they turn into dangers. 
  • The driver was distracted:  Talk to your child about the dangers of trying to multitask behind the wheel. Whether it is eating, applying makeup, talking with friends or texting, distractions can create an extreme danger to your child and his or her passengers. 
  • The driver was speeding: Discuss the importance of following the rules of the road with your child, but also remind him or her that when the weather is inclement, there is construction or traffic is slowing, it is critical that speed is modified to safely navigate the road and allow him or her plenty of time to stop. 

The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.

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