What do you do after the crash?

When you're driving between Toledo and Michigan, it's normal to run into some trouble. The highways are busy and congested. As you move into the new state, traffic laws change along with new speed limits.

If you get hurt when you're driving in another state, then you need to know how to handle your accident. Every state requires you to follow its own insurance regulations, but fortunately, your insurance provider likely already addressed this.

When you enter the new state, your insurance coverage automatically adjusts. As an example, if you carry 25/50/25 coverage in Ohio but Michigan requires 50/50/50, then, for that crash, your coverage will change since you were traveling. This could affect you negatively, though, if you're the one who got hurt.

Since the other driver's insurance minimums may not be the same as the minimums in Ohio, it's possible that you could be limited when trying to collect compensation from the driver. In the case that your insurance provider doesn't adjust your insurance minimums while you're out of state, you could end up on the hook for additional payments in the case that you cause an accident.

After your crash, you need to get medical attention as soon as possible. Your health is the first priority. If you or others are able to, exchange information and make sure you know who the other driver is along with his or her address, phone number, license plate number and insurance information. After you get medical attention, you can report your crash to your insurance company with that information. Then, your insurance company will reach out to begin the claims process while you recover.

Take care of yourself after a crash. Your health comes first, and then you can move on and make a claim.

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