Mediation is a voluntary process in which the parties to a dispute meet with a neutral person (the mediator) to discuss the issues involved in the case in an effort to try to work out a settlement.  Sometimes the Court will order the parties to a lawsuit to meet with a mediator appointed by the Court.  Alternatively lawyers can chose their own mediator. 

Mediation generally starts with the neutral laying out the ground rules and explaining how this process involves confidentiality.  Comments made in mediation are generally not permitted to be introduced as evidence at trial should the mediation fail to produce a settlement.

Mediation is frequently utilized in personal injury cases - - sometimes even before a lawsuit is filed.  Its use allows the parties in injury cases to resolve the matter much faster than waiting for a jury trial.  The lawyers at Cubbon and Associates have represented injured people in hundreds of mediations over the years and Attorney Jim Yavorcik often times serves as a mediator for other attorneys in the Toledo area.  Feel free to contact our firm if you have questions regarding mediation and whether it would be appropriate for your case. 

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