What should you do after you've been hit by a car?

Heading to Toledo was a goal of yours. You wanted to go to the college and make your mark. You knew that other students said some parts of the city were dangerous for pedestrians, but you didn't take them very seriously. Today, you regret having that attitude.

In several parts of the city, there are areas where pedestrians are more likely to be injured. There are hills and curves where drivers can't see well, making the area dangerous for everyone. Regardless, the drivers should have been paying attention and accounted for the dangers. If they had slowed down, you may not be struggling with your current injuries.

To start with, you should go to the hospital. Even if you feel okay, the fact is that you could have internal injuries or injuries you don't feel yet because of the adrenaline rushing through your body. Don't shrug off getting hit by a car, because even a slow impact can result in serious injuries.

After you go to the hospital and get the treatment you need, you should talk to police about what happened. Don't apologize or try to make excuses for yourself or the driver. State what happened and let the police determine who is at fault through their investigation.

Keep the police report as well as any medical bills or documents you're given. Your attorney will need to see those documents to determine what kind of injuries you've suffered and the kind of settlement you should be looking for in your case.

Filing a claim through an insurance carrier or pursuing a personal injury lawsuit is the final step. You should be able to recover the money you've spent on your medical care as well as compensation for lost wages and other financial losses.

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