What you need when you talk to an attorney about a vehicle recall

A vehicle defect or recall can affect your ability to drive and puts your life in danger. A recall means that the vehicle you drive is not safe, and a defect that isn't recalled could be putting you in danger each time you're behind the wheel.

If you are in a car accident and believe your vehicle had a defect that caused it, your attorney can help. Why would you want to work with an auto-defects attorney? These attorneys help by listening to facts and information about the case, getting to know what you expect and letting you know what options you may have.

Every case is different. When you see your attorney, you'll want information on your vehicle and the accident itself. You should also bring information on how much your vehicle cost and the date when you purchased it. If you had repairs performed, you should bring those records with you as well. In the case that your vehicle was part of a recall or has a known defect, then your attorney may be able to help you get the repairs needed for your vehicle to be safe at no cost to you.

If your crash is a result of the defects, then you may be in a position to file a claim against the manufacturer or seller. Your claim depends on many factors that your attorney will address with you. There are time limits on cases like these, so you should bring your information to your attorney as soon as possible after your collision to start your claim.

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