When a motor vehicle accident robs you of a loved one

Motor vehicle accidents are an unpleasant fact here in Ohio. We all know they can happen at any time and place. While most of us picture an accident involving two vehicles, we should never forget that these accidents often involve pedestrians and cyclists as well.

We already know that some accidents cannot be helped, but those that were caused by another party's negligence are entirely preventable. Motor vehicle accidents like these are tragic, but when they take a person we love and depend on, the tragedy multiplies in many ways. Not only do we no longer have our loved one, we must also face unexpected financial burdens. These can include medical expenses, funeral expenses and lost income.

Nothing can bring back a lost loved one and no one thinks in terms of financial compensation when a wrongful death does occur. However, it is wise to abandon some of the misconceptions about those who seek recompense following a wrongful death.

For example, you may feel greedy or selfish if you seek compensation through a wrongful death action. This is not the case. In all likelihood, what you really need is justice for your loved one and for your family. Working through the law can give you this justice while hitting the at fault party where it hurts the most.

Money is rarely the driving force for those who take action after a fatal car accident. It is the possibility of peace and justice that drives us. Please take a moment to review the information on our website if you would like to learn more about wrongful death and the legal system.

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