Who has the right-of-way in a parking lot?

You enjoy going out to the movies, to sales and to go shopping, but you know that a parking lot is a dangerous place. Depending on the time of year, the number of people visiting the same location and the way the parking lot is set up, it's possible to get into a serious crash in a parking lot.

In many cases, people don't believe that they have a right to compensation for a parking lot accident, but that's not true. Parking lots still have a flow of traffic and rules for how you have to travel through them. Someone who is speeding or who backs out without looking is negligent.

Generally speaking, the person with the right-of-way is the one in the main aisle of the parking lot. There is usually one road that circles around the lot followed by lanes that pass through each section. The main road has priority followed by the lanes stemming off it. People in parking spaces do not have a right to pull out into the lane without looking, and others don't necessarily have to stop for them. Anyone moving out of a parking space has to yield for cars, trucks or pedestrians immediately.

If a parking lot has stop signs, it's a requirement to stop completely at them. Crosswalks may also require you to stop and allow individuals to pass before you continue on.

How do insurance companies handle parking lot accidents?

They look at the accident like any other kind. If you back out into someone, you're more likely to be at fault, whereas if you're in the lane and are backed into, you're less likely to be at fault for the crash.

These are a few things to keep in mind about parking lot accidents. With better knowledge of the road rules, you can prevent a crash.

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