You can hold nursing homes liable for their actions

When your loved one enters a nursing home, you want to be sure that everything goes according to plan. You want the nursing care providers to treat your loved one like their own family and to do what is best for him or her. The point of moving a loved one into a nursing home is typically to make sure that he or she gets the care needed around the clock. Finding out that isn't happening can be devastating.

Fortunately, nursing homes can be held liable for nursing home-related injuries in many cases. For example, if your loved one presses a call button to get help using the restroom but falls because no one comes for over a half hour, the nursing home could be held liable for negligence.

Nursing homes can also be held liable for negligent hiring and retention of employees. What that means is that the nursing home, the employer in this case, is liable if it hires someone who should not have been hired due to his or her past. For instance, if the nursing home hires someone with a past history of abusing patients, the nursing home could be held liable by your family if your loved one is attacked or abused. Additionally, if your loved one is injured and the employee who abused him or her is retained, you may also have a case.

There are many injuries that cannot be attributed to neglect or abuse, but some can. If your loved one is hurt, you have every right to question his or her safety and to contact your attorney.

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